Charmcity "CityScape OG" MINI Deck 7.25" x 31.75"

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Product Overview

 This is an official Charmcity Skatepark reworking of the OG "CityScape" release. It's made of 7 plys of hard rock canadian maple in the United States! This board has a nice mellow concave and a crispy snap to keep it popping for as long as you can! This board is a smaller size 7.25" wide by 31.75" long! Designed for the younger skater with smaller feet. Perfect for the grom coming up, The longer wheel base gives it more stability at higher speeds. WARNING: Although there is a color pictured - We CANNOT guarantee color. There may be a substitution of color. We will however NEVER substitute sizes. Thanks for your understanding. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review