Charmcity "Ambigram" Deck 7" x 27.5" YOUTH SIZING SMALLER KIDS AGES 2 to 7

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Charmcity Ambigram:
Skateboard Deck Youth Size

Product Overview

 This is an official Charmcity Skatepark and Shop's "Ambigram" Deck 7 ply hard rock canadian maple skate deck. This board is 7" wide by 27.5" long. This is a tiny tot made for YOUTH sizing.  This board is made in the United States! This board has a nice mellow concave and a crispy snap to keep it popping for as long as you can!  WARNING: This item listed is for ONE deck not two. It is featured twice in the picture to highlight the Ambigram. It says Baltimore one way and Charmcity the other! THIS BOARD IS FOR YOUTH SIZING!!!! YOUNGER KIDS BETWEEN AGES 2 to 6 Depending on body size. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review